The LowDown - Heidi Trigar, Grease

Published on 26 January 2017


Welcome to The LowDown a chance to get in the head and behind the scenes with some local grouse folk.

We caught up with Heidi Trigar, choreographer and dancing superstar who, as it happens, is working her magic at our Grease rehearsals!

Thanks for sharing Heidi - can't wait to see the show

Q1. What does dancing mean to you?
Dancing means being in the moment, expression, freedom and most of all connection- not only to my body, mind and emotions, but also the connection I have with everyone watching and the other souls I'm dancing with.

Q2. I wanna dance like Beyonce how do I get started?
haha! Well, you'd have to have her life and life story! I mean when Beyonce dances, she dances from right down deep in her soul. When you dance from that place, you can create your very own version of Bey :)

Q3. What's the secret to nailing a tricky dance routine?
Practice! We something called Memory Retention. It's like a muscle. So when you practice, it gets easier. I've got a trick for you though... when you learn a dance, that very same night, before you go to sleep, go through the routine in your head (just think it through). Then try and do it every night just like that. If you have the space, dance it as many times during the week too. It works very time ;)

Q4. Is there a quick dance move I can learn that's sure to impress my mates?
The moonwalk. Easy once you get it!

Q5. Ever had any epic fails on the dance floor?
Yes! I was performing at a corporate event with a good friend of mine, and we didn't get the chance to rehearse on the floor we were dancing on before the show. It was sooooo slippery! I fell. It hurt (my butt and my pride :) ). Then I did a body roll and got straight back up.... Tried not to laugh for the rest of the show. We still talk about it all these years later. hehe

Q6. In your opinion what's the most underrated dance move?
The Arm Wave from back in the 80's. Lets bring it back!!

Q7. Can anyone learn to dance, even Dads?
Yes. Even Dad's.

Q8. What can we expect for the upcoming Grease production?
High energy, fun, electrifying routines with the most passionate, hard working group of young performers. I'm so excited to be a part of this!

Q9. If you could instruct anyone in the world who would it be and why?
Anyone who want's to learn. I think everyone should dance.

Q10. Any advice for budding choreographers?
Get creative, do lots of classes and trust yourself xx

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