We Know Your Name But Not Your Story

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This program is designed to help uncover the untold stories of diverse young people who live, work, study, volunteer or play in Nillumbik.
We want to give you the skills to tell and collect stories in your own way, with your own voice and with your own skills. 
Over 4 workshops you will have the opportunity to tell stories, film stories, edit stories and help produce a final video that will be shared across the Shire. 
The program is broken into 4 parts:
  • Online Introduction Session 
This session will happen over Zoom and it will be an opportunity to meet the facilitators, get to know each other, ask questions and learn about the power of storytelling. 
  • Storytelling Workshop 
This is our first face to face workshop. You will learn how to tell be a powerful storyteller and a story listener. No stories will be recorded. This will be a chance to get to know the other participants, learn communication, listening and empathy techniques and learn how to use stories to make change and connect people.
  • Story Collecting Workshop
During the workshop you will learn how to use a smartphone as a story collecting device. You will learn how to film an interview shot and cutaways, as well as recording audio that can overlay onto photos and text. You will also learn basic editing techniques that you can do via a free app on your phone. 
  • Video production / community filming 
During our last workshop you will work with an award winning filmmaker to direct and produce a video that will be shared with the wider community ! In the morning you will all work together to map out a vision for the video and a story board. And then you will break up into teams to plan how it will be filmed. In the afternoon you will hit the streets with our videographer who will film the video while you help direct her what to do. By the end of the day we will have footage that will be edited together and sent to you 2 weeks later (with your name in the credits!).
All participants will be given a participation award at the end of the program consisting of a $500 VISA gift card (only participants who attend ALL workshops will be eligible).
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*This Project is part of the 'We Know Your Name, But Not Your Story’ program funded by VicHealth