Nillumbeats Short Film Festival

The Nillumbeats Short Film Festival showcases the work of emerging young filmmakers aged 12-18. Films are submitted through a competition and then assessed and selected to be screened at the festival. 


Nillumbeats Short Film Festival 2023

The 2023 festival was hosted at Hoyts Greensborough in September, as part of Victorian Youth Fest 2023, a month long celebration of young people across the state. 12 films produced by 18 talented filmmakers were screened and prizes were awarded across a variety of different categories. 






1st Prize

'Hide and Seek' By Tahli Lambert

‘Hide and Seek’ follows a grieving son who is haunted by the comfort of his childhood. The boy hides from his reality as he seeks a feeling that has passed.


2nd Prize

'My Life as a Superhuman' by Billy Buchanan

My Life as a Superhuman is a short mockumentary about a suburban boy who has recently discovered superpowers.


3rd Prize

The Stand Off by Jasper Davis, Fynn Holmes, Hayden Bardon, & James Ferres

A group of friends have been kidnapped by the mafia. One jumps in the way to save the life of another and the protagonist runs away before being faced with one final showdown. 



Additional Prizes

Most Inspiring - 'Me Myself and I and Me Again' by Emma Karanfilov & Josh Smith


Most Original Idea - 'Paranoia' by Kirra Imbriano


Funniest Character - 'A Slapstick Film' by Kael Crawford


Best Plot Twist - 'The Rock' by Jayme Larkin & Zoe Templeman


Best Costumes - 'A Visit To Earth' by Atlas Alaniz


Best Cinematography - 'There Intertitles' by Emma Bayly


Thank you to the Victorian Government for supporting this event through the Youth Fest 2023 Grants and the FReeZA program.