Safe partying

Tips for safe partying:

Always remember to pre-plan your party. This allows you time to go over every detail.

  • Decide if you will supply the drinks or make it BYO. Either way, it is always a good idea to have plenty of soft drinks available.
  • Provide food at the party (eating slows down the rate alcohol is absorbed).
  • Ensure that there is some supervision or security. This helps discourage any trouble.
  • Notify the local Police (it provides them with a contact name and number should any assistance be needed).
  • Have a start and finish time for the party. This allows people to pre-arrange transport.
  • Let the neighbours know, maybe even invite them. This avoids any problems that could be cause by noise or parking.
  • Have a set layout for the party. It can mean the difference between a good party and a great party.
  • Only have one entrance or exit. This makes it easier to control who comes in and out of the party.
  • Place the bar as far as possible away from the entrance. Ensure there is plenty of room for people to dance and move around.
  • Place the food and snacks at various points in the room.

Don't allow gate-crashers into the party--there's nothing worse than having your party spoilt by people you don't invite--but do enjoy yourself.  

Safe partying in summer

As the weather warms up, parties tend to move outdoors. Excessive noise and public drunkenness, which are public disorder offenses, can become an issue. Parents need to be vigilant about their young people attending or holding parties and assist young people to behave responsibly.

Local police are targeting vandalism and teenage parties. Tagging and graffiti often puts young people in danger, the penalties can include fines of up to $25,000 or two years jail.

A person in possession of spray paint cans without lawful excuse, adjacent to public transport property or trespassing on private property can receive an on-the-spot fine of $550.

If you see vandalism in progress call 000. If you see examples of vandalism or graffiti, call the local council or local police.

Schoolies Week

Schoolies Week is a three-week graduation festival celebrated by Year 12 school leavers from every corner of Australia. The festival takes place after student graduation in mid to late November

Ensuring your safety at Schoolies is priority number one. The team at Schoolies want to ensure you have a safe and memorable holiday, so they have a number of safety measures in place for you while you celebrate finishing school. For more information,  go to Schoolies