Youth Council

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 The Youth Council is a Formal Advisory group that consists of 15 young people aged 15-25 who live, work, study or play within Nillumbik. The Youth Council will be responsible for the establishment and review of a Youth Strategy and Action Plan, which will set out the priorities and actions for young people to lead with the support of Council across their two-year term.

Youth Council Members:

Taj Andreetta, Joseph Bowman, Cavan Cartwright, Bailey Cumming, Orianna Edmonds, Kirra Imbriano, Imogen Jaques, Brianne Keogh, Maali Kerta-Rice, Maverick Knight, Jack Linehan, Katie O’Brien, Indiana Sandwell, Fieke van der Kamp, and Lachlan Wadsworth.

2021 Youth Council Mayor and Deputy Mayor 

Youth Mayor: Fieke van der Kamp 

Youth Deputy Mayor: Jack Linehan

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Meet the 2021-22 Youth Council: 

Taj Andreetta

Taj is 16 and lives locally in Eltham. Taj joined the Youth Council as he saw an opportunity to directly communicate with the decision makers to advocate for youth needs and be a voice for what they really want in Nillumbik. Taj is excited to step outside of his comfort zone, try something he has never done before, learn from his peers and develop personally.

Interests: Taj has a significant interest in sports and recreation and would like to see more programs that work towards increasing participation in unsanctioned sport. Taj would like to see the development of a inclusive, accessible morning program that teaches children and adults of all abilities how to skate. 


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Joey Bowman

Joey is 20 and lives in Eltham, in addition to living in Eltham Joey also works and volunteers in the Shire. Joey joined the Youth Council as he saw that the opportunity aligned with his passion to serve the community and make a difference, specifically the Youth community.


Interests: Unstructured sports and recreation including BMX, skating, scooting and MTB, mental health, open space management, employment and Covid pandemic recovery. In his time on the Youth Council joey would like to see more sports and recreational competitions, with prizes that link back into the community, to help grow the community economy. 


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Cavan Cartwright

Cavan is 16 and lives locally in St Helena. Cavan would like to be part of something bigger than himself and is excited for the unique opportunity to influence and be a part of change in the community. Cavan has a keen interest in politics and community problem solving and brings a unique problem-solving mindset to the Youth Council.


Interest: Cavan believes that Mental health is a key issue for young people today. Cavan would like to see a physical activity community program developed which aims to increase physical activity for school students and in turn supports positive mental health. 

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Bailey Cumming

Bailey is a 16 year old from Diamond Creek. Bailey is excited to represent the views of the other youth members in Nillumbik, and actively be involved in decision making. He is hoping his time in the Youth Council will improve his skills in leadership, teamwork and decision making. Bailey would like to get more young people participating in activities that get them out of the house and connecting with their peers. 

Interests: Bailey would like to speak directly with school students and ask their opinions about the activities they would like to see in Nillumbik. With asking the community what they want to see, Bailey believes we will get better clarity on what the young people of Nillumbik want and not just the voices of the Youth Council.  

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Orianna Edmonds

Orianna is 22 and lives in St Andrews, she is excited to bring help bring new perspective, fresh ideas, learn new things about herself and be part of a community of young people on a mission. Orianna feels strongly about encouraging the youth of today to be respectful, resilient, compassionate, have the heart of giving back and to know their worth and purpose. 


Interests: Orianna is interested in giving a voice to young community members, listening to what the community wants and bring that back to the Youth Council. Orianna would also like to see events for young people to connect socially and is also interested in creating workshops to promote creativity and lost trades.


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Kirra Imbriano

Kirra is 17 and lives in Eltham, Kirra is excited to make a difference in her community and has always dreamed of having a platform to speak her opinions and raise the voices of local young people. Kirra loves working as part of a team and loves starting conversations and getting to know people. Kirra has an open mind and is excited to have open conversations with people about a variety of topics.

Interests: Kirra is passionate about LGBTQIA+ rights, racism, global warming, feminism, animal cruelty, Aboriginal Australian’s rights, family violence and so many more. Kirra would like to see more inclusive programs in our community, giving the opportunity to people from all ages and backgrounds to connect with each other. 


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Maali Kerta-Rice

Maali is 16 and lives in Hurstbridge. Maali is excited to have a voice in the community, a have a direct impact on making a positive change for young people in Nillumbik. Maali is able to listen to individuals with no judgement and is also interested in increasing her public speaking and negotiation skills. 

Interests: Mental Health, access to study, social connectedness. Maali would like to see less fortunate people given access to technology and also provided mental health check ups throughout the community. 

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Brianne Keogh

Brianne is 24 and lives in Plenty. Brianne joined the Youth Council to be a voice for young people of the community but more importantly young women of the community. Her aim for her time in Youth Council is to bring confidence to young women in our community. Brianne is motivated to learn and put her skills into practice. 

 Interests: Gender equality (Empowering women) - Youth Mental Health and wellbeing (cyber bullying) - Youth financial wellbeing - Junior community sport - Youth Employment and opportunities for growth. - Educational help for learning impaired children.


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Maverick Knight

Maverick is 24 and lives locally in Eltham. Maverick is passionate about supporting the young people of our community. Maverick wants to give a voice to youth in the community, and work with young people to identify opportunities, barriers and issues impacting our youth. He would love to see more safe inclusive and engaging events for youth to encourage participation. 

Interests: Maverick is interested in improving the mental health of young people. He would like like to see more bins and lighting around the area to create a cleaner, safer community. 

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Jack Linehan

Jack is 24 and lives in Wattle Glen. Jack has a keen interest for local, state and federal politics. He is extremely excited to be able to see the direct impact the decision he and the Youth Council make on the community. Jack believes there is always room to improve and grow as a community, he is excited to listen to the voices or young people.

Interests: The environment, unemployment, housing affordability, public transport, drug and alcohol related problems, domestic violence. Jack would like to see more public transport like the Hurstbridge to St Andrews bus. 


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Katie O'Brien

Katie is 22 and lives in Macleod, Katie spends her free time volunteering at Edendale farm in Eltham. Katie is excited to work with her peers in the Youth Council as she sees it as a unique opportunity to work with passionate and inspiring young people, just like her. She is hoping she will be able to inspire others, be inspired, learn about key issues affecting young people and fight for a brighter future.

Interests: Mental health and involving youth in the decision making at Council. Katie would like to see a program developed where older youth can mentor and support younger youth, teaching life skills, similar to the Nillumbik TAC L2P program, but instead of teaching young people how to drive, the program will teach them how to do other things in life. 

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Indiana Sandwell

Indiana (Indi) is 16 and lives in Eltham. Indi is excited to be part of the Nillumbik Youth Council and speak to like minded people about topics that interest them. She is excited to gain leadership skills and experience in working with people who are strong minded like myself about creating change for the better for all people. As young leaders, Indi believes we need to think about how the Youth Council especially, can help those without a voice, because as people who have a voice, she believes we have a privilege.

Interests: Indi would like to see more education on wildlife and climate change in schools. She would love to see a program created to get primary schools engaged in initiative like 'Clean up Australia Day'

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Fieke van der Kamp

Fieke is 17 and lives in Diamond Creek. Fieke is passionate about the environment and reversing climate change, and also about allowing others to find, do, and have access to what they are passionate about, whether it be art, music, drama, sport, nature. Whatever it may be, because Fieke believes the the most beautiful things happen when people do what they are passionate about. Fieke enjoys public speaking and is excited to represent the Youth Council and speak about the ideas they come up with, so the Youth Council can really express and make an impact, and; Be the change we want to see in the world!


Interests: Climate change, equality and equal opportunities, public transport, mental health and wellbeing and social connection. 

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Lachlan Wadsworth

Lachlan is 20 and lives in Eltham. Lachlan is excited to be part of the Youth Council to gain experience and meet new people. Lachlan brings new skills to the group and has great leadership experience through his local football club. Lachlan is extremely organised and is a keen problem solver. 

Interest: Lachlan is passionate about disability rights, youth unemployment and creating and accessible community. Lachlan would love to see an AFL sporting program developed for young people with disabilities. He is interested to learn and expand on his leadership abilities, and would like to improve on his confidence, public speaking skills and abilities. 


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Youth Council Formal Advisory Meeting Dates 2021:

Formal Advisory Meeting 1: Monday 12 April 2021 

Formal Advisory Meeting 2: Monday 7 June 2021 

Formal Advisory Meeting 3: Monday 2 August 2021

Formal Advisory Meeting 4: Monday 11 October 2021 

Formal Advisory Meeting 5: Monday 6 December 2021


For more information on the Youth Council, please reach out by emailing or contacting Nicola Clutton, Acting Team Leader Youth Development on 9433 3156.