Congratulations Zara for getting your Ps

Published on 07 March 2016

Zara and Frank in car

Zara, an L2P learner driver, recently got her licence after 90 hours of mentorship from Frank. Zara has nothing but praise for her mentor, who taught her to drive over 9 months.

"Without the L2P program and Frank's tireless efforts," she said. "I can safely say that I wouldn't have learnt to drive at all. Before hearing of the L2P program, I was quite resigned to public transport and the odd lift as my only form of transport.”

The L2P program mentors provide learner drivers like Zara with the confidence to be a safer driver and the opportunities that come with gaining a driver's licence. 

Since getting her Ps, Zara has said she has far more independence and freedom.

“I work as a nanny for families and my transport time has more than halved as a result," she said. "I don't have to carry my groceries in boxes by foot or train. I can meet friends for coffee or drop past uni whenever I need.”

Thank you to Frank and all our L2P mentor drivers for providing a much needed community program for young people in need and creating L2P success stories like Zara’s.