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Published on 09 June 2022

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Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? Whether you’d like to begin volunteering or expand your experiences, getting involved in the Nillumbik TAC L2P program may be right for you.

The L2P program relies on mentor drivers to assist learners to get their probationary licence. There are many reasons why a young person may need assistance, from having parents who are unable to provide driving lessons, to not having access to a car, through to multiple-child families (several sets of triplets have completed the program!).

We are looking for mentors who:

  • Are over 21 years old
  • Hold a current full Victorian driver’s licence
  • Can commit approximately one-two hours per week

One of the learners who completed the program recently was Monique. When Monique was a teenager, her mum passed away from cancer.

Between Monique’s schooling, her dad’s work and both of their caring responsibilities, learning to drive took a back seat while they prioritised looking after Monique’s mum and enjoying the time they had left together.

Monique’s dad heard about the Nillumbik L2P program from a friend who’d been involved, and he encouraged Monique to apply. She submitted an application and was paired with mentor Jamie.

They kicked off with twice-weekly one-hour lessons and gradually increased them. Monique said the experience made her a “confident, calm driver”.

“When the suggestion of the L2P program came up it sounded amazing, in particular because it would take the pressure off my dad in trying to find time to teach me while he was working full-time, and also trying to readjust to life without my mum.”

“Getting my licence was important in order to get to work and university more easily as well as other commitments without needing to ask people to give me a ride home all the time. I was also aware of having placement as part of my course and the importance of being able to get to where I needed to go.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Jamie who drove all those hours with me. Thank you for all your time and energy and encouragement. I truly believe I am a safer and more capable driver because of it,” Monique said.

If you think being a mentor driver may be right for you, we’d love to hear from you. You can make a big difference in the life of a young person and help them safely and confidently gain their independence.

You can visit or call the TAC L2P Project Officer Mary on 9433 3111, or email




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