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Nillumbik Youth Art Competition 2020

2020 saw the first year of The Creative Collective the Nillumbik youth art competition, presented by Nillumbik Youth Development in partnership with Nillumbik FReeZA committee, Unplugged.

With the unpredictable COVID 19 restrictions, this years exhibition of the winning artworks is in an online format. Nillumbik Youth Development are proud to showcase these creative and diverse artworks, highlighting the this years theme ‘Unmasked’ giving young people the opportunity to creatively express their experiences during lock down. 


Theme: Unmasked

The Creative Collective is a youth art competition giving young people the opportunity to express themselves through creativity. This year’s theme is ‘Unmasked’, highlighting young people's experiences during COVID-19.

During this time of isolation we want to give you the opportunity to express yourself and your experiences through your preferred method of creative expression.


The Creative Collective Overall Winner 

Title: Holding On and On and On... 

Artist: Fieke van der Kamp, 16

It symbolises the repetitiveness of each day in a lockdown and the lockdown as a whole. The people in the artwork are stuck in this cycle. The ones on the right and middle are barely holding on, but are not giving up. On the right, two people are reaching out to each other, yet they cannot touch, (online) they are so close yet so far. The head down the bottom is watching the struggle, symbolising jealousy of those who do have freedom.

Fieke van der Kamp 1.jpg



21 - 25 Age Group Award 

Title: Kookaburra

Artist: Emma Crupi, 25

Seeing wildlife in the backyard, the street and along the walking tracks during our one hour of exercise has given me a lot of joy. I feel lucky to live in a place with such amazing, diverse wildlife.

Emma Crupi.png



17 - 20 Age Group Award 

 Title: What makes you happy 

Artist: Emily Broeren, 17 

My artwork consists of a 40 piece puzzle, where each different piece represents a different part of me and my life. I have created this piece to better understand myself. It has also acted as a way to ground myself and remind me of what I love during this difficult COVID-19 time. 

emily horizontal.jpg



12 - 16 Age Group Award 

Title: Cabin Fever 

Artist: Caitlin Bowden, 16

My relationship with my dad has only gotten stronger during COVID lock down as we see each other every day, all day! This increased time with dad gave me lots of time to draw him. He is pulling a silly face to reflect our "Cabin Fever".

Caitlin Bowden Entry 1.JPG



Title: The Great Indoors 

Artist: Elliot Howell, 15

During the day I do my school work in my bedroom but the evenings I spend in our living room. I look through the big windows into the darkness outside and listen for the scramble of possum paws on the roof and the crunch of kangaroos hopping on the gravel path and it reminds me that, for some, life continues as normal. And one day it will be normal again for us too.


Elliot Howell The Great Indoors.jpeg



Title: Hope 

Artist: Nha Hoang, 14

I have to wear a face mask where ever i go, i am not aloud to meet my friend so its just myself in this self portrait.


Nha Hoang.PNG



Honorable Mentions 

Title: Repetition

Artist: Caitlin Bowden, 16 

This reflects the repetition of life during COVID lock-down. I find myself following the same pattern every day and this is shown in the repeating patterns in my mandalas. The patterns keep expanding as time drags on and on during isolation.


Caitlin Bowden Entry 2.JPG



Title: Isolated

Artist: Charlee Wilson, 16 

I tried to represent the feeling of being isolated/quarantined in my artwork. I think COVID-19 has a lot of us feeling very distant from our loved ones as well as a sense of loneliness and I tried to reflect this in my artwork.


Charlee Wilson 2.jpg



Title: Void

Artist: Charlotte Baillie, 12 

My art expresses how I feel during these covid times and how dark it seems and how dark it can feel.

Charlotte Baillie.jpg



Title: Alone

Artist: Ed Mason, 13

Provide a short description on how your art reflects your experiences My art represents my disconnection from the world pre covid, unsure of what lies ahead. A world full of holes, disunity, part normal part unknown.

Ed Mason.jpg



Title: Alone

Artist: Ethan Cuscieri, 16

This is my first attempt at using photoshop with my own images. Learning from home can be tough but I’ve enjoyed this art subject. Quarantine can be rough but at least I have me, myself and I....

Ethan Cuschieri.jpeg



Title: Within Brick Wall 

Artist: Ethan Lonsdale, 16

The linocut was aimed at showing family or friends separated from each other from a brick wall in front of them. The brick wall symbolizes isolation and confinement between the family. This work also shows both people speaking and viewing each other through a zoom- type call. I have also tried to capture similarities through both rooms on each side of the wall to draw on connectedness.

Ethan Lonsdale.pngunmasked images.PNG



Title: Calling a loved one 

Artist: Lilijana Hill 

The artwork is self portrait drawing of Lilijana calling their dad that is overseas working. 


Lilijana Hill.PNG



Title: Hyped 

Artist: Lucas Freeman, 14

Hyped is a triple canvas piece inspired by many pop culture artists such as; KAWS, Takashi Murakami, Comme de Garoçons and Banksy. Covid-19 isolation allowed me to look at social media more often, I saw these artists and took inspiration from them


Lucas Freeman 4.jpeg






FReeZA is a Victorian State Government Initiative to support all ages drug, alcohol and smoke free entertainment for 12 to 25 year olds.