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School Wrap Up - eNewsletter

'School Wrap Up' is the Nillumbik school community eNewsletter that aims to update the Nillumbik School community on the work that the Nillumbik Youth Development Team is doing to support young people in the community and inform and educate the community of any relevant opportunities or information for young people.
The articles are designed in a way that the content can be easily transferred directly into your student or teacher bulletins. 

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School workshops and presentations

Nillumbik Youth can provide support to schools by organising presentations and workshops to our secondary schools that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Please email or contact 9433 3111 to discuss your request further. 


Healthy Bites for Students

Healthy Bites for Students is a four week program delivered by local nutritionist Selin Aydan in partnership with Nillumbik Youth.

Food and nutrition have a unique role in our bodies. To understand nutrition we need to appreciate the physiology of the body - what does our body do with these nutrients on a cellular level that makes good nutrition SO important?

Each session combines helpful, practical information as Selin explains the 'what' 'why' and 'how' of healthy eating and nutrition combined with healthy recipes and cooking with students to see just how easy it can be to make the right choices with our nutrition and health. 

Session 1: The core food groups (Australian Guide to Healthy Eating)

Session 2: Nutritional values of food (home-cooked vs 'junk')

Session 3: Nutrition labels

Session 4: Budget beaters - cooking with staples

If you are interested in engaging us to deliver Healthy Bites for Students or other healthy cooking workshops, videos and resources to your students or young people, please contact or call Katie Camilleri on 9433 3165 to discuss further. 

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Project Me

Project Me is a 4-week program (1 hour per week) nurturing mental wellbeing, self-love, acceptance and gratitude during times of uncertainty aimed at high school girls.

Through our partnership with The Big Sister Experience, Council are funding 3,000 memberships for Project Me – supporting up to 3,000 young women across Nillumbik high schools to be able to participate, completely free!

How does it work?

  • We are offering local high schools the opportunity to nominate how many girls they would like to offer this opportunity to within the school community


  • Once we confirm the allocated number of memberships for your school, we will provide you with all collateral and information that schools and the girls will need to register including coupon codes, instructions to register and troubleshooting information.


  • You will have the flexibility to decide when you would like to roll this out to your students and you can choose to stagger the memberships across terms if this works best for you. The 4-week program can be delivered in Term 3 and/or 4 this year (2020) and if either of these options are not suitable we would be more than happy to negotiate something for next year instead


  • The content provided will based on a 4 week curriculum, allowing teachers to integrate this into their remote learning, or supply it to students as an extracurricular program or homework to equip students with strategies to navigate these uncertain times and beyond. This resource can also be used in the classroom as a springboard for health/pastoral lessons. It is delivered via the membership portal on the Big Sister Experience website to ensure a safe and confidential environment.


  • Once registered, the students can then log in each week and work through the guided materials and videos and complete the weekly activity. Videos go for around 17-25 minutes each and the participants will be provided a PDF booklet to work through each week which includes different activities and materials to read through. The sessions take approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour per week within a classroom setting or roughly 30-45 minutes as a homework task for students to complete in their own time.


The Curriculum

Week 1 – Self Love and Becoming a Capital H Girl

Week 2 – Mindfulness and Gratitude

Week 3 – Body Image, Exercise and Self-Esteem

Week 4 - Anxiety, Depression and Mental Wellbeing


In addition, students will get

  • Content Related Blog Posts
  • Video Posts
  • Self-Care Tips and Resources
  • Connection to Mental Health Support and Resources
  • Assistance Networks & Organisations
  • PDF Templates and Worksheets to support Learning
  • Closed online group for parents of teen girls and also a separate group for teen girls enrolled in our program.



If you would like any further information or have questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kritz Sciessere, co-founder of The Big Sister Experience, on 1300 244 727.

Next steps 

If this is an opportunity your school would like to take up then we would love to arrange a time to discuss this with you further. Please reach out by emailing or contacting Katie Camilleri, Team Leader Youth Development on 9433 3168.