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Nillumbik Youth Productions Inc. (NYP)

NYT Members, Family and Friends

In 2018 a group called Nillumbik Youth Productions emerged and started running NYT.

Nillumbik Youth Productions is a non-for-profit incorporation operated by youth to provide accessible and inclusive opportunities for people to create and perform theatre and other art forms.

Our mission is to create a committee of young people to eventually take over Nillumbik youth Theatre in 2019. We can proudly say this venture has been successful…yay

Nillumbik Youth Theatre (NYT)

In previous years NYT have conducted a senior show, junior show and workshop programs. In 2019, NYT will be conducting one all-inclusive show, ‘All Shook Up’.

The values of NYT remain the same, including a person-centred program designed to build skills of resilience, flexibility and adaptability, connection to self and community, reflective and creative practice and the articulation of personal goals. These skills are crucial to the success, health and happiness of young people who face the challenges of globalised workforce economies, diverse wok portfolios and diverse societies as identified by Foundation for Young Australians and VicHealth.

Every member of NYT has a role to play within the cast, crew or production team.

In 2019 the production team is comprised of solely youth.

For questions or if you would like to be involved in NYT or Nillumbik Youth Production (NYP) please contact us at


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