Nillumbik Youth In Action


We are looking for young people to join Nillumbik Youth in Action!

Are you 15-25 and passionate about the environment?

 Join Nillumbik Youth in Action to:

  •  Boost your confidence and skillset in leadership, project management and advocacy
  • Design your own eco action project, bringing young people of Nillumbik together to advocate for the Nillumbik environment and sustainability!
  • Opportunity to meet other like-minded young people and build long term connections
  • Build connections within local government and youth organisations including YacVic and Reach.
  • Great experience to add to your CV!

 Members of Nillumbik Youth in Action will learn skills in community leadership and social connection, using these skills to create and establish an Eco Action Project of their choice which will help young people across Nillumbik Shire learn about sustainability and protecting the environment.

Selection Criteria: 

Participants of Nillumbik Youth In Action must:

  • Be aged between 15-25
  • Work, live, volunteer, study or play in Nillumbik 
  • Be passionate about the environment and sustainability in Nillumbik

In the application form, potential participants will be assessed on the following questions:

  • Why would you like to join Nillumbik Youth In Action?
  •  What skills, knowledge and experience do you believe you could bring to Nillumbik Youth In Action?
  •  What environmental issues relating to young people are important to you?
  •  What initiatives or programs would you like to see implemented by Nillumbik Youth In Action


Nillumbik Youth In Action will run each Tuesday 4-6pm throughout term 3.

 Start date: Tuesday 20 July

End date: Tuesday 14 September


Apply Now


Applications open: Friday 11 June 2021.

Applications close: Monday 12 July 2021.


If you have any further questions or require further information please get in touch by emailing