The LowDown - Kurt Sheen, World Music

Published on 26 January 2017


Welcome to The LowDown a chance to get in the head and behind the scenes with some local grouse folk.

This week we caught up with Kurt Sheen, global music guru who, as it happens, will be running our World Music Workshops in February (sorry blatant plug!). So take a minute to step into Kurt's shoes, have a listen-in at his shower and discover the guilty pleasure of his playlist.

Thanks for sharing Kurt - can't wait for the workshops!


Q1.     What’s the most unusual sound you’ve ever heard?
A whole city full of people playing drums and singing during Brazilian Carnival.

Q2.     How did it make you feel?
At first I felt like I was completely separate.  This was an experience like none I had before.  But in a short time I found myself dancing and singing along, utterly joyfully.

Q3.    If you could only play one instrument for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
Piano.  Everything is there.  It’s percussion.  It’s melody.  It’s got every note imaginable.  You can sing along to it.  You can just listen to it quietly, loudly, rumbling, tinkling… 

Q4.    What do you sing in the shower?
My own improvised operatic jazz funk

Q5.    What’s your earliest memory of music?
Dancing on the coffee table in my grandmother’s house to “Ashes of Love” by Johnny Cash.

Q6.    If you had to describe music in two words what would they be?
Human nature

Q7.    I’m not naturally musically talented at all – what could I get out of your workshop?
First and foremost the confidence that everybody has music inside of us, and it is in our nature to find a way to let it out! 

Q8.    How has music shaped your life?
It is always dancing around the outside of my every action.  And it is at the same time at the very heart of who I am.

Q9.    If you weren’t into music what do you think you’d be doing now?
Listening to birdsong (I suppose that’s music too)

Q10.  What’s the most embarrassing song you have on a playlist?
“Here Comes Santy Claus” by Gene Autry on my ‘Christmas’ playlist. 

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