The law


Youthlaw is the first specialist young people's community legal centre in Victoria. This web site allows young people to find out about legal issues. Youthlaw provide free and confidential legal advice to young people up to the age of 25. For more information, visit Youthlaw

Guide for offenders in the Magistrates' Court

This booklet, produced by Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) is a guide for people who have been charged with a criminal offence in the Magistrates' Court. It includes information about Magistrates Court programs, criminal records, bail, case flow and outcomes if you are found guilty, sample court documents and letters, and a glossary explaining common legal terms.

VLA also produce 'The Road to Court', a guide to traffic offences in the Magistrates' Court. All VLA publications are free of charge. For more information, phone 9269 0223 or visit Legal Aid

Sexual assault: the law, your rights

'Sexual assault: the law, your rights' provides information about where to get help and reporting a sexual assault to the police. It includes information about the legal process after reporting a sexual assault and about compensation and financial assistance. For more information, visit Legal Aid

The Law Handbook - now available online

The Law Handbook is a practical guide for all Victorians to the law, written in plain English and offering advice on dealing with the legal system.

It features information on a range on things, including buying a house or car; Centrelink benefits; credit and debt problems; disability rights; driving and drug offences; criminal records; family law; infringements and fines; police powers; where to get legal advice; and much more. For more information, visit The Law Handbook

Diamond Valley Legal Services

The Diamond Valley Community Support (formerly CIDV) Legal Service offers free legal advice and referral on alternate Thursdays between 6 and 7pm (check website for dates). This service is offered to members of the community who find it difficult to obtain legal advice.

Phone 9435 8282 or 9435 5440, email or go to Diamond Valley Legal Services for more information on services in your area.

Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

VALS provides legal aid and assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. For more information, visit VALS.

Know your Rights

If you want to know your legal rights as a young person, LawStuff is a website that contains information about your legal rights as a young person in Victoria. LawStuff covers issues such as your working rights, rights at school and rights at home. Visit LawStuff to learn more about your rights.

Youth Central also has some good information about your rights as a young person, visit Youth Central