Drugs and alcohol

Save a Mate (Red Cross Program)

The Save a Mate website provides you with the information that you need about alcohol and other drugs when you’re out at a party or festival. They teach you about ways to keep yourself safe and what to do when your friend(s) are exposed to this and how you can help them safely.

For more information, visit Save a Mate

DrugInfo Clearinghouse

The DrugInfo Clearinghouse has a drugs and driving section to help educate you and provides links to other useful sites and resources. It includes information about alcohol, illicit drugs and medicines, their effects on the body and tips for keeping yourself safe.

The site also has information and downloadable fact sheets about Victorian legislation and testing procedures. For more information, visit Drug Info Clearinghouse

Reach Out

Information for young people on topics including chroming, drink spiking, drug use and what to do if your friend has taken drugs or hurt themselves. For more information, visit Reach Out


Youth Support Advocacy Service (YSAS) provides you with information about drug and alcohol use and what its effects are on young people. The YSAS website has testimonials from people who have been affected directly or had a friend affected by substance abuse.

For more information, visit YSAS

Better Health Channel

This website has useful information about drugs, drug dependency and overdoses. For more information, visit Better Health Channel

Victorian Department of Health: Drug Information Site

Information about drugs and their effects, answers to frequently asked questions and contact details for counselling services, treatments and professional agencies who can provide advice and confidential services.

For more information, visit Victorian Department of Health

Say When

Say When has lots of simple tools for staying in control of your drinking, including a drink check chart, a drink calculator and tools to monitor your own drinking profile. For more information, visit Say When